About Me
Good Dog! Paws-i-tive Dog Training  is certified dog trainer Dr. Kathryn (Kathy) Ellis. Kathy has been an animal enthusiast all of her life. Like most of you ...she has owned both cats and dogs through out her childhood and adulthood. Afterall, life is not complete without the love and affection from our pets!
Kathy's has spent over 25 years working and studying in the field of Education. She has been a Special Educator of students with very unique learning abilities. Her background knowledge and skills in teaching special learners has helped her tremendously in developing her focus for dog training.
Studying and practicing within the field of Special Education has helped Kathy to develop her approach to working with dogs and dog owners. First, it is about relationships. Humans and dogs can only live together successfully when there are clear lines of communication. This is the basis of her family-oriented dog training. Humans must understand how our dogs communicate with us! And human companions, must clearly communicate their expectations to their canine friends!
Kathy focuses on teaching the basic psychology of behavior and developing techniques that are in harmony with those mental processes and behavior. The initial focus of training is developing a healthy functioning relationship between owner and pet through motivating leadership and bonding activities. Additionally, Kathy focuses on creating an environment that is rich in stimulation to help your dog grow to be a happy and content creature. 
Positive motivational techniques are implemented to help decrease and eliminate those unwanted, undesirable behaviors from dogs while we help people to curb their dog's unwanted, undesirable habits and behaviors. Positive training methods are both effective and humane. 
However,  "one size fits all" does not fit every situation. Kathy works diligently to create a training program for each client that is specific to the dog and human's specific needs. 

Kathy is very loving, caring and patient with Stella. Only uses positive reinforcement which is great for our dog
Lynnette (Evans, GA)
Lessons in Humanity
  • Be consistent in your behavior and cues
  • Listen and watch for ways your dog communicates and respond immediately
  • Exercise your dog daily
  • Provide a stimulating environment
  • Have your dog work for priviledges
  • Create situations where your dog practices appropriate behaviors
Kathy works with the whole family. She helped my daughter Julie to understand how she needed to establish leadership with Gunner. Kathy came into our home and shared so many ideas and strategies to help us make Gunner the well-behaved fellow he has become!
(Gayle (Hephzibah, GA)